Category: App Features

  • New Feature: Workout Accuracy

    On V.O2 we pride ourselves by being a community of runners that values purpose driven training. To further our mission of helping runners train more effectively towards their goals we’ve released a brand new feature on our app called Workout Accuracy. Part of purpose driven training is not just understanding the objective of each workout, […]

  • Latest Updates To V.O2

    We’ve added several new updates to the app to improve the coaching experience. [Please note:  To keep up with future updates, click What’s New (top nav) when logged in to the app online.] Planned Versus Completed This feature is now available on the web. At the end of each week you’ll see new UI displaying […]

  • New Feature: Sync Workouts To Coros

    V.O2 now supports syncing run workouts to Coros watches for real-time guidance. Once you’ve connected your Coros account to V.O2 (under MORE… > CONNECT APPS on the mobile app or your Preferences online) you must follow these instructions to initiate the process. If you do not, or choose not to complete this setup process, your […]

  • New Feature: Age Rank

    As part of our efforts to motivate athletes through data and stats we’ve recently added Age Group Rank. In just the past seven months we’ve seen close to 50k race results on V.O2. Now, when you add a race result to your calendar you can see where that result lands in your age group amongst […]

  • Getting To Know Your Pacing Needs

    The second card under our new Stats feature is a breakdown of Your Paces. This feature allows you to track a summary of planned training at different intensities based on the last 1W, 1M, 6M or 1Y. Once you know your VDOT the true value is the delineation of how fast you need to run […]

  • Tracking Your VDOT

    The top card of our brand new Stats feature leads off with some data visualization of your VDOT changes over time. Train Based On Your Current Fitness On the first tab (Today) you’ll see a note about how long you’ve been training at your current VDOT. This is critical. Remember, to get the most out […]

  • V.O2 Stats Feature

    Recently, we introduced a brand new feature on V.O2 called Stats (available only on iOS and Android). Above your training calendar click the Stats tab to access new data visualization of your training. To watch a video tutorial on Stats click here. YOUR VDOT Track your VDOT history, including time spent at your current VDOT […]

  • Structured Strength Mode

    As part of our new cross training enhancements, take advantage of Structured Strength Mode on V.O2. Athletes and coaches now have the ability to add their own strength exercises and schedule sets, reps, recoveries, etc.  Supplementing your running with strength training is a necessity to reduce risk of injury and improve performance. Always discuss with […]

  • Adjusting Your Training Paces On V.O2

    Adjusting your VDOT is critical to getting the most out of your training and reducing risk of injury. On V.O2 it can be done either manually by clicking your score or by entering a race result on your calendar. Ideally, all updates to your VDOT are based on an accurate and recent time trial or […]

  • Equivalent Performances

    Equivalent Performances can be found under the Equivalent tab on V.O2 whether you’re an athlete or coach viewing an athlete’s calendar. Keep in mind, these race performances are not predictions but rather physiological equivalent performances. Seeing your Equivalents can provide insights on how to adjust training to score better as the distance of the race […]