Adjusting Your Training Paces On V.O2

Adjusting your VDOT is critical to getting the most out of your training and reducing risk of injury. On V.O2 it can be done either manually by clicking your score or by entering a race result on your calendar.

Ideally, all updates to your VDOT are based on an accurate and recent time trial or race result (1500m-marathon). Otherwise, if training is going well you may increase roughly 1 point every 4-6 weeks depending on your background/current profile. Or, if you need to decrease your score based on time off/loss off fitness learn more here.

Update Manually

  1. Click your VDOT score (top right) when logged in on V.O2
  2. Click the score again to manually adjust
  3. Or choose to estimate a result then enter a time for a specific distance
  4. Click Update your VDOT

Update By Adding Race Result

  1. Click on your scheduled race on your calendar
  2. Add your official time and click Save
  3. Accept the update to your future training paces (only if the result is an accurate reflection of your current fitness). If the course was very challenging or weather was not ideal then reject the update and just save your result.

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