Category: VDOT Coach Enhancements

  • New Feature: Save Custom Paces And Cross Training

    We’re excited to announce two new features. Our goal with these updates (and more to come) is to create a more open platform and further tailor the coaching experience on V.O2. Custom Training Paces Quickly calculate and save your own training paces to the drop-down menu of the app. You can use this nifty calculator to create by distance […]

  • New Feature: Bulk Edit Your Athlete List

    We’ve added a new bulk edit option to help coaches easily manage their athlete lists: Delete (or remove) athlete(s) Update athlete group Email athlete(s) Please watch the video tutorial and feel free to email us or comment if you have any feedback or questions.

  • New Feature: Bulk Edit

    VDOT Coach subscribers can now easily perform bulk actions on their athlete calendars. Bulk delete and publish are now available as featured in the tutorial video above.

  • New Features:  Workout Commenting And Print Calendar

    New Features: Workout Commenting And Print Calendar

    Today we uploaded two new features to enhance the experience on the app for both athlete and coach users. Workout Commenting The app now supports workout commenting on Android, iOS and the Web. Coaches can still leave workout instructions/notes when planning training but to help make communication on a workouts more seamless we’ve added in […]

  • Save Time With Copy Templates

    Save Time With Copy Templates

    Coaches can now save even more time with new features under Training Templates:  copy template, copy and slide weeks while editing a template. Back in April we updated the coach module with the ability to edit/save templates, organize into folders and easily apply to your athletes. Copy Templates Coaches can now copy templates, make edits […]

  • Save Cross Training Activities

    Save Cross Training Activities

    VDOT O2 now allows coaches to save cross training activities to favorites. Coaches can save time by organizing their athletes’ cross training workouts into folders and quickly adding them at a future date. When adding cross training click to Show Favorites to create and edit your folders. Then, whenever you’re saving training make sure to Add […]

  • Add Notes (Separate From Activities)

    Add Notes (Separate From Activities)

    Until recently, athlete/coach communication has been limited to a notes area at the bottom of a training activity or rest day. After feedback from our coach users we’ve now add the ability for both athletes and coaches to add notes separately. Engage With Notes In the example (right), a coach left a note to encourage […]

  • Add Video Content To Your Athletes’ Workouts

    Add Video Content To Your Athletes’ Workouts

    Coaches can now add video content to a workout online at Videos can be added to any Activity or a Rest Day, and via an Athlete’s calendar, Group Staging or when saving a training template. Adding Videos               Coaches can add more than one video while editing a […]

  • More Specific Recovery And Rest Options

    More Specific Recovery And Rest Options

    Recovery Between and Set Rest dropdown menu options are now updated to help provide clear direction for your athletes when resting. To suit your preferences and help avoid miscommunication we’ve added separate walk and jog options for each of the previous items in the menu (min, sec, m, km, mi). Before this update many athletes would have to […]

  • Making VDOT Training Paces More Clear

    Making VDOT Training Paces More Clear

    To help ensure your athletes are always training at the right VDOT training paces we’ve made a few quick updates to the app. Easy Pace Range To avoid confusion and help prevent runners from pushing too hard on certain Easy days we updated the calendar view to always show the recommended Easy day pace range. […]