Save Cross Training Activities

VDOT O2 now allows coaches to save cross training activities to favorites. Coaches can save time by organizing their athletes’ cross training workouts into folders and quickly adding them at a future date. When adding cross training click to Show Favorites to create and edit your folders. Then, whenever you’re saving training make sure to Add to Favorites.

Supplementing your running with cross training is so important. “As a sport, running is probably associated with more minor injuries than most other sports, and in fact, a research study some 10 years ago found that high school girls cross country was associated with the most injuries,” says Dr. Jack Daniels. “In addition to helping ward off injuries, some strength work can actually improve running economy (lessen the energy demand of running).”

What types of cross training are you incorporating in your athletes’ training? We recommend functional strength training 2x per week and make sure it’s functional and not too intense. The goal is to support the running, not take away from it. Non-impact training like cycling or swimming is great as well if the athlete is coming back from injury or you’re looking to supplement their running without adding more risk of injury.

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