Category: VDOT Coach Help

  • Save Cross Training Activities

    Save Cross Training Activities

    VDOT O2 now allows coaches to save cross training activities to favorites. Coaches can save time by organizing their athletes’ cross training workouts into folders and quickly adding them at a future date. When adding cross training click to Show Favorites to create and edit your folders. Then, whenever you’re saving training make sure to Add…

  • Add Video Content To Your Athletes’ Workouts

    Add Video Content To Your Athletes’ Workouts

    Coaches can now add video content to a workout online at Videos can be added to any Activity or a Rest Day, and via an Athlete’s calendar, Group Staging or when saving a training template. Adding Videos               Coaches can add more than one video while editing a…

  • More Specific Recovery And Rest Options

    More Specific Recovery And Rest Options

    Recovery Between and Set Rest dropdown menu options are now updated to help provide clear direction for your athletes when resting. To suit your preferences and help avoid miscommunication we’ve added separate walk and jog options for each of the previous items in the menu (min, sec, m, km, mi). Before this update many athletes would have to…

  • Making VDOT Training Paces More Clear

    Making VDOT Training Paces More Clear

    To help ensure your athletes are always training at the right VDOT training paces we’ve made a few quick updates to the app. Easy Pace Range To avoid confusion and help prevent runners from pushing too hard on certain Easy days we updated the calendar view to always show the recommended Easy day pace range.…

  • Athlete Staging Calendar (Hiding Workouts)

    Athlete Staging Calendar (Hiding Workouts)

    Coaches now have the ability to stage (hide) workouts directly on an athlete’s calendar with the options to publish one workout at a time, one week or all workouts at once. This new feature (Athlete Staging Calendar) allows coaches to plan training without their athlete seeing all at once. Hiding workouts can keep the athlete…

  • Saving Time With Saved Training Templates

    Saving Time With Saved Training Templates

    We’re focused on improving the lives of coaches so they can more easily attend to the individual needs of their athletes. This video shows how easy it is for a coach to save workouts and training templates and then apply them with the appropriate training paces. Manage Your Training Templates Save an enormous amount of…

  • Adding or Removing an Athlete to a Run Quality Session or Race that Has Already Been Created

    You can add or remove athletes to runs that have already been created.  Go to the “History” tab and select that athlete that you would like to either add or remove.  Only users that have updates will receive change notifications.  The system will not add additional workouts or runs if their name remains clicked on…

  • Saving Quality Sessions

    You can save your quality sessions and add them to folders as shown below:

  • Saving a Note on an Athlete’s Workout

    You can add a note on all of the athlete’s calendar or directly onto an athlete’s calendar. To add a note directly to an athlete’s calendar, go to their calendar in the My Athletes list: To add a note into multiple athlete’s calendars, use the training tab.  The athlete would not be able to see that…

  • Saving a Note About an Athlete

    You can keep reminders for yourself for each athlete on the Athletes page: