Repeating Sets Of Work

The Repeating Sets functionality is a great tool for making sure athletes aren’t going too fast. For many runners 200-meter Reps are easy enough that they will often go faster than necessary (roughly current mile race pace). By mixing in some 400-meter Reps (at the same pace as the 200s), it is more likely they do not go too fast. The idea is to run the appropriate speed for the total quality amount of the workout, not just the same distances throughout. This is another opportunity to let mental feeling be a factor in training, while not going too fast nor slower than desired.

Sample workout: 4 sets of: [2 x 200m R (200m recovery jog), 1 x 400m R (400m recovery jog)]

Watch the video to learn how to access this feature on the mobile version of V.O2. To learn more about managing athletes on V.O2 set up a demo with our product team here.

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