Setting up Garmin data screens with VDOT O2 Workouts App

Updating your data screens for your VDOT O2 Workouts app on your Garmin works similarly to how you would update your data screens using Garmin’s normal “Run” feature. Below is a step-by step guide to how you would modify your screens. Keep in mind that Garmin allows you to maintain multiple “pages” during an activity so to access your screen, you may need to simply page down during your run to access a page you’ve created.

1) Select top “Start/Stop” button
2) Select the VDOT O2 App
2) if you do not have the VDOT O2 Workouts app, and connected your VDOT account using the Garmin Connect Calendar, skip to step 5.

3) Select the Start/Stop button (start)
4) Your training should sync with your watch
5) Select the Start/Stop Button to do workout
6) Select the Start/Stop Button to begin run
7) Select the start/stop button (ok)
8) Your run will begin. The HOLD DOWN on the “Up Button” to go into run settings
9) Select the “Run Settings” to edit your pages
10) Select the Start/Stop button to access Data Screens
11) Select which page you would like to edit or select down to add a new page
12) After identifying how many fields you would like on the page, click on the data field you would like to edit
13) Then select the data element you would like to add. Once you’ve selected your appropriate data fields, you can select the back button and your settings should save.

Don’t forget to select “page down” during your run activity to select the appropriate page for your run.
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