Instructions for Coros Workout Sync

Syncing V.O2 Workouts To Coros – Instructional Guide

Below you will find instructions on how to properly set up your Coros account to import workouts from V.O2 to your watch.

[Please note: If you’ve used Garmin in the past, this process works differently so please read all of the instructions.]

General information about the Coros sync:

– Your run will not sync to your watch until you add V.O2 as a “Training Plan” to your calendar on Coros
– You will only see your next seven days of training at any time. V.O2 will continuously update your upcoming seven days of training. V.O2 will automatically update the next seven days of training each day.
– Once you have added V.O2 training to your Coros calendar, you will need to sync your watch to receive updated training and have your GPS uploaded to your watch.
– The Coros API does not allow activities to be deleted by V.O2. For this reason, if you move, update or change an activity in V.O2, the activities will show up in your Coros calendar as “Deleted” on your Coros calendar.

Coros Setup (Web interface)

Step 1) Log into your account and click Calendar

Step 2) Click on Training Plans

Step 3) Drag the Training Plan to the calendar

Coros Setup (Mobile interface)

Step 1) Access Watch Options

Step 2) Click My Training Plan

Step 3) Click Training Plan Library

Step 4) Click the VDOT Training Plan 

Step 5) Click Start training plan

Step 6) Click OK

Once you sync your watch with the Coros app, you should begin seeing your next seven runs when you select the “Run” option on your watch.

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